Alzheimer’s Care – Connect With Music and Art

Alzheimer's care

Music and art can be two wonderful ways to connect with your loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease. Music can your loved one grew up with or enjoyed as a younger adult can trigger memories and bring a sense of belonging to the world around her. Art offers everyone a chance to explore a project […]

Home Care Assistance – As the Body Changes, Make Adjustments

Home Care Assistance

It is natural for your loved one’s body to change as she gets older. It happens to everyone, even those who put thousands of dollars into their bodies trying to keep it looking 25 forever. While aging and the changes that come with it should be celebrated and honored, there are steps that you’ll need […]

In-Home Care – Ways Family Members Can Help Seniors Live Independently

In-Home Care

It’s very common for the adult children of seniors to be worried about how they can support their senior parent from a distance. If you have a senior parent that lives far away and you can’t get there to visit often, but your senior parent really wants to live on their own there are options. […]

The Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care For Seniors After A Hospital Stay

24-Hour Home Care

After a senior parent has been in the hospital because of a fall or surgery they will need extended care at home. Often seniors are cleared to go home before they are completely mobile and able to safely live alone. 24-hour home care means that someone will always be with your senior parent when you […]

10 Effective Ways Seniors Can Reduce Stress With Companion Care at Home

Companion care at home

Stress can have a huge impact on a senior’s health. When seniors experience a lot of stress they have a higher risk of developing serious health problems like heart disease or high blood pressure. And seniors that struggle with chronic stress may find that the stress makes their existing health challenges, both physical and mental, […]

Home Care – Understanding Swallowing Disorders

Home Care

If your senior has not been eating much, you may notice that they have lost a lot of weight, which isn’t always good for a senior. You may want to blame it on lack of food or aging, but your loved one should be eating because that is how they fuel their bodies with nutrients. […]

Alzheimer’s Care – Tips to Help Your Loved One Remember

Alzheimer’s care

As the caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, you know that your loved one doesn’t remember like she used to. That’s because even in the early stages of dementia, retaining the memory of even a recent conversation can become a challenge. Dementia damages the brain in such a way that it can no […]

Home Care – Simple Activities for Homebound Seniors

Home Care

Being homebound has its challenges, and it can make it harder for a senior to age in place. However, your loved one can age in place even while being homebound. There are no grocery delivery services that will bring food right to the door, there are senior home care services that can ensure your loved […]

Preserving Precious Moments With Home Care

Home Care

The things we do, the stories we tell, and the moments we hold dear make us who we are. For older people, telling their life stories is a great way to learn new things and remember old times. Keeping these memories alive can be a deep and satisfying experience for seniors and their families. Continue […]

Top Reasons to Consider 24-Hour Home Care After Breast Cancer is Diagnosed

24-Hour Home Care

In 2020, there were 239,612 new cases of breast cancer in the U.S. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a good time to ask your mom about the family risk of breast cancer, and make sure she’s up-to-date on her mammogram and breast ultrasound if necessary. Your mom learned she has breast cancer, and […]

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