Signs Your Senior Parent Could Benefit From Companion Care

Companion Care at Home: Senior Depression in Sacramento, CA

If your senior parent is aging in place and they love living in their home, they may not tell you if they are experiencing loneliness or anxiety. It’s very common for seniors that are living alone to become socially isolated and lonely. But they often don’t want to tell their family members they are having […]

The Best Hair Care Tips For Seniors

Personal Care at Home: Senior Hair Care in Sacramento, CA

One of the challenges that seniors have to deal with as they get older is thinning hair. Women and men can experience thinning hair. Many things play a role in seniors developing thin or fine hair like changing hormones, medications, stress, and diet. Seniors who are really concerned about their thinning hair may want to […]

5 Foods Seniors With Kidney Disease Should Be Eating

Home Care Assistance: Senior Kidney Health in Sacramento, CA

March is National Kidney Health and it’s the perfect time for seniors to find ways to improve their kidney health. Seniors have a high risk for developing kidney disease. More than 50% of seniors over the age of 75 are thought to have kidney disease. Unfortunately, age is the primary risk factor for developing kidney […]

Ways to Battle Dry Mouth

In-Home Care: Senior Dry Mouth Help in Carmichael, Ca

Dry mouth can feel uncomfortable and be annoying for a senior to deal with. They may suffer from dry mouth for various reasons and if they don’t figure it out they may live with it for a while. Sometimes a senior does not address the issue because they think this is normal or not something […]

Understanding the Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

Home Care Assistance: Exercises for Seniors in Rancho Cordova, Ca

One of the gentler forms of yoga is called chair yoga, and it is a reduced version of yoga that is practiced while sitting on a chair or utilizing a chair as a support. Because of this modification, it is a good and easily accessible option for seniors who may have difficulties with movement or […]

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