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Should You Worry About Your Dad’s Headaches?

Your dad keeps getting headaches that come and go. You're worried about it as he's not one to get headaches.
Home Care Davis, CA: Seniors and Headaches
Home Care Davis, CA: Seniors and Headaches

Your dad keeps getting headaches that come and go. You’re worried about it as he’s not one to get headaches. Before you panic, take a look at his environment and situation. If it’s humid outside, he may get headaches from the changing temperatures.

Other reasons for headaches include stress, congestion during allergy season, and lack of sleep. Headaches aren’t always an indicator of illness or a health condition. But, you should ask his doctor to check him out, just to be on one the safe side.

If it’s a sudden, severe headache, it could be a sign of a stroke. It’s always best to talk to his doctor for that reason. Once he’s seen his doctor and nothing is found, how can you help your dad manage headaches? Here are some of the methods that help with headaches.

Run an Air Purifier

Home Care Davis, CA: Seniors and Headaches
Home Care Davis, CA: Seniors and Headaches

If allergies are worsening, run an air purifier within his home to remove dust, mildew spores, pollen, and pet dander. Sometimes, breathing cleaner air can help ease headaches related to allergies.

While it’s running, vacuum carpets. Next, clean any hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors. You want the dust removed from them. Once that’s done, dust his furnishings. The goal is to get as many allergens out of the home as you can.

Increase Water Intake

If your dad isn’t drinking a lot, he could get a headache from mild dehydration. Make sure he’s drinking enough water throughout the day. Aim for a small glass of water every hour or two.

You could also offer water-rich foods like watermelon, grapes, berries, and oranges. Keep his hydration up all day to help keep this type of headache away.

Go Outside for a Walk

If stress is causing his headaches, a walk outside can be enough to help ease some of the tension he feels. He needs to get away from whatever causes the stress. He may need to take a break from paying bills, trying to do the housework, or getting frustrated with his computer.

Aim for Seven or Eight Hours of Sleep

If your dad’s headache is related to a lack of sleep, set up habits that encourage him to get enough sleep. White noise, such as a fan that runs all night, can help drown out noises that keep him awake. 

He may drink a full glass of water before bed. He’ll wake up and need to go to the bathroom, which can wake him up. If that’s happening, he needs to stop having that glass of water. If he has pills to take, take them with sips of water or take them an hour or two before bed.

Hire Others to Help With Household Chores

Home care services offer personal care and companion care options that can help your dad with stress and anxiety. If he has a hard time with household chores and it’s causing tension headaches, having a home care aide around can really help ease his discomfort. Call today to learn more.

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