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4 Reasons Fad Diets Are Bad For Seniors

Companion Care at Home Elk Grove, CA: Good Nutrition Month

November is Good Nutrition Month and if you have a senior loved one that is overweight it’s a good time to remember that fad diets can often do more harm than good, especially for seniors. Maintaining a healthy weight is very important for seniors, and seniors who are overweight may want to try and diet to lose those extra pounds. But eating a healthy diet, controlling portion sizes, and watching calories is the best way to seniors to safely lose weight. Fad diets can wreak havoc with a senior’s health and make existing health problems even worse. Just some of the reasons why senior should avoid fad diets are:

They Can Cause Nutritional Deficiencies

Companion Care at Home Elk Grove, CA: Good Nutrition Month

Seniors already have a high risk of being malnourished. Medications that cause nausea or lack of appetite can make it difficult for some seniors to eat even though they need to eat. Fad diets that restrict certain food groups like eliminating almost all carbs or not allowed people to eat fruit can be so restrictive that they cause seniors to develop nutritional deficiencies that can impact their overall health. Seniors need to be encouraged to eat an appropriate amount of healthy food. Companion care at home providers can help seniors eat a healthy diet by helping them cook healthy dishes.

They Can Cause Weight Gain

Most fad diets fail because even if someone loses weight while they are on the diet they will end up gaining back whatever weight they lost when they go off the diet. And fad diets are not meant to be long term diets, which is why so many people end up gaining weight after trying a fad diet. Seniors who need to lose weight will get the best results from changing their eating habits and focusing on eating regular portions of healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Seniors who have trouble shopping for fresh vegetables and fruits can rely on a companion care at home provider to help them shop and prepare healthy meals.

They Can Make Certain Conditions Worse

Fad diets often require that people trying them eat a limited number of foods but eat them in large quantities. That’s fine for some people as long as it’s only for a short time. But seniors who have health problems like high cholesterol or heart disease shouldn’t be trying to follow fad diets that encourage them to eat large quantities of rich, high-calorie, fatty foods like butter, cheese, and red meat. Seniors should be eating a balanced diet that contains lots of leafy green vegetables and lean protein. Fad diets rely on getting results through restriction while a normal healthy diet is based on making sure seniors get the nutrition that they need.

They Can Be Very Rigid

Fad diets can be extremely rigid, which is one of the reasons why so many people can’t last long on a fad diet. Seniors who have to take medications at certain times throughout the day need to be able to eat if a medication must be taken with food. Fad diets that restrict when and what seniors can eat can interfere with medication schedules and affect a senior’s health.

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