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5 Tips For Helping A Senior Parent With Alzheimer’s Shower Safely

Personal care at home ensures seniors with Alzheimer’s receive safe and compassionate assistance with daily hygiene activities, reducing the burden on family caregivers.
Personal care at home can help seniors bathe and shower safely.
Personal care at home can help seniors bathe and shower safely.

If your senior parent has Alzheimer’s and is living alone, they need personal care at home to make sure they are showering and getting dressed safely. Seniors who have Alzheimer’s can have poor balance and other issues related to their condition, which makes showering dangerous for them.

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s may also forget to turn the water off, use water that is too hot or too cold, or not use soap to wash. They may also need help getting dressed because they forget how to work a button or a zipper. Personal care at home is compassionate care for seniors who need help with daily hygiene activities.

Personal care at home also takes the responsibility of caring for your senior parent off of you. You won’t have to try and help your senor parent shower.

But if you are helping your mom or dad shower and they have Alzheimer’s, use these tips to help them shower safely:


Install Safety Features

Every senior who is aging in place should have adaptive safety features in the bathroom, like grab bars, non-slip mats, and a shower chair, to make showering easier for them. A hand-held showerhead, dispensers for soap and shampoo, a rough shower floor to prevent slipping, and other features can make a big difference when it comes to making sure that your mom or dad is safe in the shower.


Create a Calm Environment

Keeping your senior parent calm is a must, especially if they have reached the stage of Alzheimer’s, where they don’t really understand what is happening. You and personal care at home providers can make the bathroom calming by playing music on a safe shower radio.

You also may want to swap out the light bulbs for softer bulbs that are less glaring. Installing a heat bulb in the winter will help your senior parent avoid getting chilled.


Prepare and Organize Supplies

When your senior parent is in the shower, you won’t be able to leave them alone even for a minute. So make sure that you get all the supplies you’ll need ready ahead of time.

Having a caddy or plastic bin in the shower is a smart idea where you keep soap, shampoo, washcloths, extra towels, and other supplies you or personal care at home providers need. Keep your phone nearby but safely out of the way in case you need to call for assistance.


Use Clear and Simple Communication

Remember that your senior mom or dad may not understand what you’re asking them to do or what you’re doing. If you are asking them to do something, give simple, clear instructions. If you’re going to wash their hair or wash them, explain what you are going to do before you do it so they don’t get frightened.

If your senior parent loses focus during the shower, you can redirect them or gently remind them to get them focused again.



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