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5 Ways Seniors Can Stay Cool In A Heat Wave

Seniors should prepare for extreme heat with 24-hour home care services to prevent heat-related illnesses and stay cool during hot weather.
24-hour home care can help seniors stay cool and comfortable in hot weather.
24-hour home care can help seniors stay cool and comfortable in hot weather.

The weather will be hotter than ever, and seniors living alone need to be prepared for extreme heat. As seniors get older, they often have trouble regulating their body temperatures, which means that they suffer more from extreme heat.

Extreme heat can be dangerous for seniors. Seniors are more susceptible to heat stroke and heat-related illnesses than other age groups. To prevent heat stroke and heat-related illnesses, seniors who are living independently should have 24-hour home care services in hot weather.

With 24-hour home care, seniors will always have someone in the home to help them cool down when the temperatures rise. And if seniors do need medical attention for a heat-related illness someone will be there to call emergency services.

In addition to getting 24-hour home care, seniors can also use these tips to stay cool as the temperatures rise:


Drink Cool Water

When the weather is warm, seniors should drink even more water than usual because they will lose a lot of fluids through sweat. Cool water is better than ice-cold water, but all that really matters is that your senior parent is drinking water.

If your senior parent doesn’t like plain water, try making fruit-infused water or cucumber water. Encourage them to avoid sweet iced tea or water with artificial flavors.


Wear Appropriate Clothing

Sometimes, seniors don’t dress for the weather because they perceive that the temperature is colder than it is. Have you ever wondered why your mom or dad keeps the thermostat so high? That’s why.

So when the weather is extremely hot, make sure your mom or dad is wearing appropriate clothing. Light clothing made from cotton or linen is best.


Stay Indoors During Peak Heat

The hottest part of the day is typically between 1 and 4 p.m. Your senior parent should stay indoors with the air conditioner on during those hours. If they do have to go out for any reason, they should go early in the morning while it’s still cool outside. But it’s better if they have a 24-hour home care provider to shop or run errands for them in the heat.


Use Air Conditioning

Often, seniors don’t want to use their air conditioning because they don’t want a high electric bill. But the cost is worth it if the air conditioning prevents them from getting heat stroke. Make sure they turn on the air conditioning and get the house to a comfortable temperature before the worst heat arrives.

Using fans or ceiling fans can help circulate the cool air. Keep windows and doors shut tight to keep the cold air in. If there are rooms that aren’t being used, close the vents in those rooms and shut the door to redirect the air to the rooms that are being used.


Light Meals

Seniors should eat lighter, more frequent meals of cooling foods instead of three heavy meals in hot weather. Yogurt, chilled soups like cucumber dill soup or gazpacho, and chilled fruits like cold grapes are wonderful hot-weather foods for seniors.



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