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Activities to Do After Chemotherapy

Home Care Assistance Folsom, CA: Seniors and Chemotherapy

When your loved one goes through chemotherapy, you will be worried and anxious about each section. You may have questions about your senior getting to and from sessions, what they will do during, and what they will do after chemo. The good news is hiring home care assistance can help provide answers to a few of these questions.

They will be the ones to provide rides to and from each session, and some hospitals may allow them to sit with the seniors during the infusion. It can take a long time or sometimes just a few minutes. Suppose a senior is going to be in a small space for several hours. In that case, home care assistance can help find them activities they may like to do during the sessions.

The next questions you may have are what your senior will do after chemo and how they will feel after chemo. The truth is everyone handles chemotherapy differently. Some seniors may need to lay down for a small nap, some may need to go to bed for the night, others will watch movies on the couch. Some people may feel incredibly nauseous a few hours after the treatment, and home care assistance needs to note when this happens. The doctors may give patients prescriptions to control nausea.

What To Do After Chemo Sessions

Home Care Assistance Folsom, CA: Seniors and Chemotherapy

After a chemo session it is crucial for a senior to take care of themselves and do light activities that will promote health and recovery. Home care assistance should ensure the senior tries to relax and even eat a small and nutritious meal.

Read Books

If a senior is tired after chemotherapy it will be important to let them relax and rest. Pushing the body too hard during this time can have negative consequences or make them feel worse. This is also the best time to take it easy with a book. If a senior is too tired to read, home care assistance may read out loud to them.

Take a Warm Bath

Seniors may not be able to bathe on their own but home care assistance can help. It is important to maintain hygiene and health habits during this time. A bath may help someone reduce anxiety and stress. This can help a senior feel clean and relaxed after a chemo session.

Have Tea With a Friend

If a senior feels up to it they can have tea with a friend. Small casual activities are encouraged and socialization is crucial during this time. It will be important for a senior to realize they have friends and a support system during this time. They may not be able to go out and do anything adventurous but a small tea date is perfect for after chemo before a senior gets too fatigued from treatment.

A Short Walk

Occasionally the effects of chemotherapy won’t set in right away and it can be important to keep the body moving. Seniors should continue to try to maintain healthy exercise habits.

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