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Elderly Care in Sacramento, CA: Awareness about Psoriasis

August is national psoriasis awareness month, a month to learn more about this annoying skin disorder that affects many people. This disease belongs to the immune system disorders, and is usually one that affects a person for a lifetime. Although there are currently no cures, a variety of treatments are commonly used to bring relief to the sufferer and control the symptoms. Elderly care providers may take care of an elderly adult who suffers with this itchy and painful condition.

Elderly Care in Sacramento, CASome quick facts about psoriasis

  • The body’s immune system attacks its own cells
  • Faulty signals result in an overproduction of new cells in the skin
  • It is not contagious, even though people who don’t understand the condition are afraid to touch it
  • Shows up as red and white scaly blotches appearing on the skin
  • Often has a silvery white look to it, especially in plaque psoriasis
  • The most commonly affected areas are the elbows and knees, arms and back. But any area can be affected including the scalp
  • Contrary to the way eczema occurs (the inside of the joint); psoriasis is more likely to occur on the outsides of joints.
  • There could be a hereditary factor
  • A small percentage of psoriasis sufferers also develop psoriatic arthritis, a very painful variation of the disease

Quality of life affected by psoriasis

  • Depends on the severity of the outbreaks
  • Is a chronic disease and can cause significant amounts of physical discomfort. Can also cause disability
  • There could be poor self-image problems because of the appearance of psoriasis on the skin
  • Can lead to depression as well as social isolation

Treatments for psoriasis

  • The way that this disease is managed is dependent on the severity of the condition. For example the mild cases are usually treated with a topical agent. For moderate cases, phototherapy is used; for more severe levels, systemic agents are employed.
  • Bath solutions and skin moisturizers can bring relief. Some medicated ointments and creams also help to reduce inflammation and aid in removing the built-up scales of skin.
  • Specially formulated creams can help bring skin cell production back to normal levels and inhibit the cells from proliferating at a faster than normal speed.

It’s beneficial for people in general to learn about some of the common diseases that affect us. It fosters more compassion and understanding toward those who develop these conditions. There probably isn’t a family anywhere that is untouched by a disease or disorder.

If you or an aging loved one needs elderly care services in the Sacramento, CA area; remember there is “Senior Home Care Services” for all services needed. Call us at (916) 514-7006 for more information.

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