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July is Dry Eye Awareness Month and since seniors often suffer from dry eye in the summer it’s a great time to learn about home remedies for dry eyes. Typically seniors are prone to dry eyes because of things like medical conditions, side effects from medications, and dry indoor air. But in the summer, the bright sun and heat can make dry eye problems even worse for seniors. If your senior parent suffers from dry eyes there are some things that seniors can do to avoid getting dry eye in the summer like:

Drink More Water

One of the easiest things that seniors can do to avoid dry eyes is to drink more water. When seniors are drinking enough water and staying hydrated it’s much less likely that they will suffer from dry eyes. Staying hydrated will keep the eyes, the nose, and all mucous membranes moist and functioning the way they should. As a general rule seniors should be drinking at least one glass of water per hour during the day. Seniors with home care assistance can ask a home care provider to add cucumber or watermelon to their water because cucumber and watermelon can increase hydration.

Wear Sunglasses

All seniors should wear sunglasses when they go outside. Sunglasses will protect seniors’ delicate eyes from the wind, wind-borne debris and dust, and the intense rays of the hot sun. Seniors with home care assistance should ask a home care provider to make sure there are sunglasses in the car, by the door, and in other convenient places so seniors can always grab a pair of sunglasses if they need to. Seniors who wear prescription glasses should invest in a few pairs of sunglasses so they will have extra pairs if they lose one pair.

Use A Humidifier

It might seem counterproductive to use a humidifier in the summer, but summer air can be very dry and contribute to dry eyes. Seniors should really have a humidifier running in their bedrooms or living room all year long. In addition to the hot dry outdoor weather the summer can cause indoor air to be very dry because seniors need to keep the air conditioner running all the time. Humid indoor air can help seniors avoid dry skin and dry eyes. Use a cool mist humidifier and run it on low to add some important cool moisture back into the air.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is important for many reasons, including to avoid dry eyes. When the body is sleeping the eyes are closed and that gives them the chance to hydrate and lubricate. If seniors aren’t sleeping their eyes aren’t getting that chance to soak in lubrication and rest. That’s why it’s common to have a gritty feeling in the eye like there’s sand in there if someone isn’t getting enough sleep. Seniors should make it a priority to have a good sleep routine and get as much sleep as they can.

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