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In-Home Care – Is Feeling Tired Normal?

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You may not know this, but there is a difference between fatigue and just feeling tired. Being tired is a temporary state that can be gone at any moment. When a senior feels fatigued, it is a constant tiredness that doesn’t leave, and it can impact a senior’s quality of life. It may be normal for your loved one’s sleeping habits to change, and they may feel tired in the mornings because of this, but having severe fatigue for weeks on end is not normal. Most people dismiss fatigue as something common with age, but it isn’t usually due to a person’s age and has more to do with any chronic conditions or diseases they may be battling. This is why it can be so crucial for a senior to have open communication with their doctor and also have in-home care helping them out, ensuring they stick to a routine that makes them feel more energized. Here are some tips that may help a senior prevent fatigue, and it doesn’t include drinking tons of coffee!

Watch Your Vitamins

A senior should go to their doctors regularly, and in-home care can help them get to and from appointments if necessary. One of the many things a doctor will do is check your loved one’s vitamin levels. They may be low on vitamins B and D, which can impact how fatigued a senior feels. If these vitamin levels are low, a senior should start taking these vitamins in the morning to help beat the sleepiness they feel and regain energy slowly. Now, vitamins aren’t a quick fix, and it may take time to notice a big difference, but once they help, your senior will love taking vitamins!

Watch Out for Naps

Your senior loved one may love taking naps, but there is a certain sweet spot when it comes to naps. A small 20-minute nap may reset their brain and make them feel less tired, whereas anything over 30 minutes can hinder how they feel. They may feel more tired after a long nap and not as well rested, and then your loved one may not sleep as well during the night, making them even more tired the next day.

Watch Fluid Intake

If your senior forgets when they drink, what they drink, and how often, this is something that in-home care can help with. Your caregiver may always ensure that there is open water for a senior so they have access to fluids all day long, and they will pay attention to how much a senior drinks throughout the day. When your senior is dehydrated, it can cause fatigue, so it is crucial to be drinking water or other liquids that won’t cause dehydration.

Go Outside Every Day

When your senior doesn’t go out enough, they may not know about nature’s wonderful effects on their bodies. Being outside will help boost their vitamin levels, like vitamin D, which will help them feel less fatigued. Going for walks outside will also burn off any extra energy helping them rest better during the night.

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