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How Often Should a Senior Clean Their Homes?

Seniors aging in place should clean their homes once or twice a week to maintain cleanliness, with personal care at home available to assist.
Personal care at home can help aging seniors who are struggling to keep their home clean.
Personal care at home can help aging seniors who are struggling to keep their home clean.

A senior who ages in place may wonder how often they need to clean their homes. The truth is things get put on the back burner because they don’t move well, they don’t see well, or they can’t smell when something has become bad. They may not go through the fridge, clean the toilet, or keep the tub clean, not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know it’s dirty and needs to be cleaned.

The truth is that seniors need to clean their homes once or twice a week to keep them well-maintained, organized, and disinfected while aging in place.

Here are some of the best tips to help your loved one keep on top of cleaning, and they may be things that personal care at home can also help your loved one with.


Make a Checklist With Dates

One of the easiest things that will not only help personal care at home providers maintain a senior’s home, but also the senior, will be making a checklist. This means the toilets get cleaned every Monday, every Tuesday is the tub, and every Wednesday, the house gets vacuumed.

Focusing on one thing a day and going down the checklist can help a senior see what needs to be done and help personal care at home services pick up where the senior left off if they need a break. It is one of the best ways to create a routine, remember what needs to be cleaned, and ensure the whole house is getting attention.


Ask for Help

When seniors need to focus on cleaning, you may notice they actually need more help. They may not directly ask for help out of embarrassment, pride, or a desire not to be a burden.

Personal care at home providers can help a lot but if they are not around or they are only part-time, it is important for elderly family members to feel comfortable enough to ask for help.

An elderly child can come over for a house inspection and help with things when needed. This will also help your senior mom or dad feel comfortable enough to call and ask for help when they really need it.


Look For The Right Cleaners

Your senior loved one may be sensitive to smells and may not be able to use all bleach products. Instead, help your loved one find natural cleaners that can help disinfect their homes. These tend to have better smells than your seniors can handle, but they will also help keep their homes cleaner.

After a house is organized, it should always be disinfected. Cleaning does not always mean something is germ-free.


Focus On The Main Areas

If your senior is only in their bedroom and the kitchen and bathroom, those areas need to be focused on the most. It will be important to go over the rest of the house at least once a month, but focusing on where your senior is can be much more manageable when thinking about cleaning the house. The areas where they are the most should be well organized and disinfected weekly.



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