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In-Home Care – 4 Things Seniors Should Do If The Air Conditioning Goes Out

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Experts are predicting that summers are going to keep getting warmer.  When the temperatures rise more and more people will be relying on air conditioning. That can put a strain on the existing power grid and cause power outages. Seniors that are aging in place and need to have air conditioning to keep them healthy and cool during the hot summer months need to know what to do if there is a power outage that impacts their air conditioning or what to do if the air conditioner breaks. It’s a good idea for seniors to have in-home care during the summer so that they have assistance in the case of storms or other emergencies. In-home care can help seniors stay safe at home. Some other things that seniors can do to stay safe if the air conditioning is not working are:

Make An Ice Pack

An ice pack can be applied to the back of the neck, behind the knees, the inside of the wrists, and other pulse points to help seniors stay cool. If seniors don’t have a commercial ice pack already in the freezer, they can put some ice inside a plastic bag with some rubbing alcohol or other alcohol. The alcohol prevents the ice from freezing into a big clump. Then wrap that bag in a towel or t-shirt. The towel or shirt will prevent the cold from causing damage to the skin. Replace the ice as it melts. 

Close Off Rooms

In order to maintain the existing cool air for as long as possible seniors should close off any rooms that aren’t being used. This will restrict the air flow in the house and keep the cool air in the central rooms that your senior parent actually uses like the kitchen or living room. Closing off bedrooms and the bathroom will help keep the temperature low even if there isn’t a fan working because the electricity is out. 

Close The Blinds

If the power goes out seniors should immediately shut all the blinds and curtains. That will block out the heat of the sun and help keep the existing cool air inside. A in-home care provider can help seniors quickly close blinds and curtains to lower the temperature if a power outage occurs or if the air conditioner breaks. It’s also a good idea to stay on the first floor because heat rises. The upstairs floors will be much hotter than the ground floor.  

Take A Lukewarm Shower

A shower that is room temperature or lukewarm may not sound very pleasant, but it will bring the body temperature down and make the air feel refreshingly cool when your senior parent steps out of the shower. A cool shower can achieve the same end, but it’s better for seniors to have a lukewarm shower or room temperature shower if they are trying to cool off and stay cool for an extended period of time.

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