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Talking With Your Siblings About Caring For A Senior Parent

It’s National Family Caregiver’s Month and now is a great time to talk with your siblings about home care for a senior parent.
Home Care in Davis, CA: Family Caregivers

It’s National Family Caregiver’s Month and now is a great time to talk with your siblings about home care for a senior parent. Maybe your parent is still doing ok aging in place but could use just a little extra help with housework and errands. Or maybe you are starting to notice signs of failing health in the way that your senior parents are acting. Either way, you should start the conversation about home care for your senior loved one. It’s important that all of the siblings are on the same page about what should happen when your senior parents need some help. Starting a dialog now can ensure that help is there for your senior loved ones when they need it. Here are some things that you can share with your siblings about getting a home care provider to help your senior parents:

Starting The Process Earlier Is Better

Home Care in Davis, CA: Family Caregivers

The sooner your senior parents get to meet and bond with a home care provider the better it will be for them in the long run. Especially if one or both of your parents has Alzheimer’s or dementia. By getting to know and bond with a caregiver now as your senior loved ones get older they will be very comfortable letting the caregiver help them with things like personal care tasks because they will know and trust that caregiver. A great way to start building a relationship between a caregiver and your senior parents is to have a home care provider come in for a couple of hours one or two days each week. That can give the family member caring for them some respite care and give your senior loved ones the chance to get to know the care provider.

Regular Care Can Keep Seniors Healthy

Isolation, depression, and anxiety are common among seniors and all of those conditions can cause significant health problems or make existing health problems worse. Having a home care provider come by on a set schedule every week will keep seniors socially connected to the world and lower their stress and anxiety levels. That will help them stay healthy for longer. And a home caregiver can help seniors manage their medications to make sure they are getting the right medications at the right times of the day which is another important part of staying healthy.

Family Caregivers Help The Whole Family

If you and your siblings can’t be with your senior parents all the time, or if you are the only one that lives close enough to see your loved ones are on a regular basis a family caregiver can be a trusted partner in keeping your senior parents healthy. They will keep you and your siblings updated if they notice any significant changes in your loved one’s physical or mental health. And they can give a family member that is providing care the respite they need to work, run errands, or take care of their children.

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