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What Should You Do if Your Mom Experiences a Fall?

Experiencing a fall is potentially devastating for your senior family member.
24-Hour Home Care Roseville, CA: Seniors and Falls
24-Hour Home Care Roseville, CA: Seniors and Falls

Once your mom experiences one fall, she’s twice as likely to have another one if changes aren’t made that can help her to avoid that possibility. The big key is to address any emergent issues first, and then continue to put solutions in place that ensure your senior’s safety as much as possible. This might mean taking a much closer look at her daily life.

Get Her Checked by Her Doctor

24-Hour Home Care Roseville, CA: Seniors and Falls
24-Hour Home Care Roseville, CA: Seniors and Falls

The very first thing that you need to do is to ensure that your mom is not physically injured. The shock of a fall can keep her from realizing that she is indeed hurt. Checking in with your mom’s doctor quickly can also help you to determine what might have contributed to her fall. If there are other extenuating factors, it’s important to know about those as quickly as possible. 

Look at Possible Causes of the Fall

There are so many possible contributing factors for falls. Your mom may be dealing with pain, say from arthritis in a joint, and that can cause her to overcompensate with other parts of her body, leaving her off balance. Other causes can include side effects from medications, lack of nutrients, dehydration, exhaustion, and so many other factors.

Work Out a Solution if You Know What Caused the Fall

If you don’t know what caused the fall, you’re going to need to be more generalized in your approach to protecting your mom from another fall in the future. Assuming, however, that you do know what caused her to fall, put a solution in place to help resolve the situation now. That might mean adding safety bars in key areas or it might mean figuring out how to help her to eat healthy meals and get enough water each day. All of these solutions can give her huge benefits.

Do a Safety Sweep of Her Home

Regardless of what caused the fall, you need to do a safety sweep of your mom’s entire home. Doing so enables you to spot possible issues that might be a problem down the line if they aren’t right now. Regular safety sweeps help you to stay on top of what’s going on and what your mom needs so that you can anticipate possible solutions before they’re something that should have already bene in place.

Consider 24-hour Home Care Services

Having senior care providers available whenever she needs them can make a huge difference to your mom’s overall safety. If she’s having more issues at night, then 24-hour home care providers can help her to be safe at all hours of the day and night, even when you can’t be there with her. No matter what her needs are, they can help her to be as safe as possible and ensure that she’s got what she needs.

So many aging adults don’t believe that a fall is really going to present that many issues for them. The problem is that you never know when a fall is going to be devastating for your mom’s health. Doing all that you can to prevent falls is going to be helpful in so many ways.

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