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4 Things Seniors Should Look For In A New Home

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Seniors that want to age in place may decide that they need a new home that better suits their needs as they get older. Even though many seniors love living in the homes where they raised their children and have lots of memories, those large family homes can be impractical for seniors. Typically they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep and they may be too much space for seniors who don’t want to have to clean and care for a large home. Finding a new home that sets them up for a bright future aging in place can be exciting for seniors. But there are some things that seniors should consider when they are looking for a new home like:

The Community

Seniors who are looking for a new home should consider carefully what the community is like in the area of any house that they’re considering buying. Buying a home in a senior community may be ideal for your senior parent because there would be lots of other seniors around. Seniors living in a retirement community get the benefits of having their own home and the benefits of having lots of people around to socialize with. Having a strong community can help seniors stay physical and mentally healthy as they get older. With home care, and a great senior neighborhood, your senior parent could find that they thrive in their retirement years.


One of the advantages of buying a new home for seniors is that they can buy a home in a community that offers lots of amenities. Seniors should strongly consider buying homes in communities that offer things like a gym, exercise classes, a pool, walking trails, and other amenities that can help seniors stay healthy as they get older. Some communities that are senior-focused also offer things like a library, public computers, and services like a notary public, photocopying, and printing.


When it comes to buying a new home that will suit them for their golden years, seniors should look at the functionality of the home and not just the fun upgrades or fancy appliances. How the home will function for a senior is the most important consideration. Seniors should look for homes that have things like main floor laundry, single floor living, doorways wide enough for wheelchairs, countertops that are low enough to accommodate wheelchairs, carpeted floors, and showers that are easy for seniors to get in and out of. Showers should also have a built-in bench or seat for seniors.


Seniors also need to think about what their needs will be in the future. Maybe right now your senior parents have no problem climbing stairs but in the future they may need a primary suite on the ground floor. A home with just a powder room on the main floor may not work for your senior parent in the future unless the powder room can be expanded into a full bathroom. Look at how well the space will adapt to your senior’s changing health in the future to decide if it’s a good home for a senior parent.

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