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Ways to Battle Dry Mouth

In-Home Care: Senior Dry Mouth Help in Carmichael, Ca
In-Home Care: Senior Dry Mouth Help in Carmichael, Ca

Dry mouth can feel uncomfortable and be annoying for a senior to deal with. They may suffer from dry mouth for various reasons and if they don’t figure it out they may live with it for a while. Sometimes a senior does not address the issue because they think this is normal or not something serious to deal with. However, the truth is that if your loved one is dealing with dry mouth every day they should be talking to a doctor about it. In-home care can help notice when it happens, what helps, and what could cause it. All of these findings can be reported to a doctor who may also be able to help manage dry mouth. If a doctor cannot help a senior should consult a dentist to see if there are any other ways to battle dry mouth. Your loved one may be suffering from chronic conditions that cause dry mouth or they may be on medications that can cause this feeling too. Either way it’s important for in-home care to notice and it’s important for a senior to talk to a doctor about it. Here are some other ways a senior can try to battle dry mouth on their own:

First, Speak to a Doctor

Changing anything about a routine can have unwanted side effects. If in-home care sees patterns with certain medications, like every time a senior takes a medicine they get dry mouth, this should be pointed out to a doctor but a senior should not necessarily stop taking the medication. Always consult a doctor when medication is involved. This medication could be necessary to ensure other things in the body are functioning properly. If a doctor can change medication they will try to find the best alternative to keep your loved one as comfortable as possible. Nothing should be stopped without talking to a doctor.

Drink Water

A senior should focus on hydration no matter what but this will especially help battle dry mouth. A senior should be drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day and in-home care can make sure there is always water within reaching distance. Water can help hydrate the body but also moisturize a senior mouth without chapping it further. This is one of the easiest steps a senior can take when they are starting to feel their mouth dry out.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Although it is easy to sit down in the morning and drink a cup of coffee, if your senior takes medications that cause dry mouth or they just suffer from it, these drinks should be avoided. Alcohol can also intensify dry mouth and should be avoided in general. Both caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the body which can also dehydrate the mouth and that is why they are not the best drinks for your loved one. It’s important to help a senior make healthier choices and that starts with what they put into their bodies.

Always Go To The Dentist

A dentist will help keep a seniors mouth super healthy and ensure they have strong teeth. If they know that a senior is suffering from dry-mouth they may be able to prescribe something to help them battle this. A senior should be seeing their dentist once or twice per year.


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