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Alzheimer’s Care – Connect With Music and Art

Alzheimer's care

Music and art can be two wonderful ways to connect with your loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease. Music can your loved one grew up with or enjoyed as a younger adult can trigger memories and bring a sense of belonging to the world around her. Art offers everyone a chance to explore a project and feel accomplished when it’s done, no matter how it looks.

Your loved one may withdraw from the world as her Alzheimer’s disease progresses but there are parts of her that are still there and can be reached. Using art and music to connect with her, even if just for a few moments, can bring you, the caregiver, joy just as much as it brings a smile to her face. And you’re not the only one who can connect with her via art or music, her Alzheimer’s care provider will appreciate the opportunity as well as any other family members or friends.

Let’s look at some easy ways to connect with both music and art.


  • The best music for your loved one to enjoy is music that she enjoyed when she was younger. If she’s able to tell you what she likes, explore a music source like Spotify or Apple Music to find a channel that plays the music from that era or that style of music. If you’re unsure, and your loved one cannot communicate with you, you or her Alzheimer’s care provider could do some research on the most popular songs of her youth and play those.
  • Eliminate commercials. Commercials may confuse her or break her enjoyment so when using a music provider, choose one without commercials if possible.
  • Encourage movement and singing. Music is meant to be enjoyed. Dance a little, clap your hands, and sing along, and have her Alzheimer’s Care provider join in as well. Even if no one knows the words, your loved one will still connect with the music and those enjoying it with her.


  • Choose an art project that is not too childlike. Your loved one will appreciate doing something that is geared toward her age, and not feel like you’re demeaning her by having her color photos of bunnies with crayons (unless that’s what she likes, then go for it).
  • Help her start. Many dementia patients need a bit of help to begin. If you have a painting project, place the paintbrush in her hand and guide it toward the paint. She will most likely then begin doing the rest of her own.
  • Talk about what she’s creating. If she’s painting a flower, ask her what her favorite flower is or where her favorite garden is. If she doesn’t answer, try another question or rewording it.
  • Make it safe. Keep your loved one safe by avoiding anything that has sharp tools or toxic materials.
  • Be ready to end when she’s ready. She may not finish but you can come back to it another day. Be encouraging about what she has accomplished.

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