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Why Do Senior’s Feet Hurt?

In-Home Care
In-Home Care

As you get older, your body changes and aches and pains can happen. But foot pain can be the absolute worst because you need your feet to move from place to place. So when your feet hurt it may ruin your whole day. The wear and tear on your joints can lead to foot pain. Luckily, most of the foot pain you experience can be preventable if you know what’s causing the pain. Here are some things to look at and what you can change to manage foot pain.

You May Be Wearing Bad Shoes

Your feet have a very important job, so you have to support them. If your shoes are too tight, it can be painful, and if they’re too big, they can cause falls, which can be detrimental in older age. As you age, you should ditch the fashionable choices and choose footwear based on comfort, arch support, and breathability. This will help ensure you are comfortable while moving around and allow your feet to breathe and maintain proper foot health. If you need help getting shoes on and off, in-home care may help you with this.

Excess Moisture

Certain types of shoes will not let your feet breathe. This means your shoes trap in air and moisture that is not good for your feet. Because your feet are older, they are missing the elasticity they had when they were younger, which means your feet can get blisters easier than before, and the moisture can cause rashes much easier. Finding the right shoes that allow your feet to breathe will help you battle sweaty feet, fungus, and most irritations on your feet. If you are suffering from foot fungus, you may need to buy cream to battle it. Some seniors won’t be able to reach their own feet, this is something that in-home care can help you with.


If you have bought the right shoes and care for your feet every day, and they still hurt, it could be more. If you have pain in your feet and hands for multiple days in a row, it’s time to see a doctor. They may diagnose you with arthritis and prescribe you with medication that can help control the inflammation in your body. It is important to communicate with your doctor and do exactly as they order to treat this condition.


Depending on the person, they may have a curvy spine or scoliosis, which can lead to legs being taller than each other, different-sized arches on feet, and overall foot pain. Sometimes, a younger person will go through back surgery to correct the spine, but if you’re older, chances are you’ll find another way to deal with this. You may need to buy specialized shoes that will help you walk or purchase insoles that are custom for your feet to help with foot pain.

Toenail Care

If you have toenails that are in-grown or too long, they can cause foot pain. Keeping toenails clipped and feet moisturized is so important for your foot health. If you need help with any of these tasks, in-home care can help with this after your bath or at the beginning of each day.

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