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Seniors: Focus On Hydration This Year with Elder Care

Hydration: Elder Care Granite Bay CA
Hydration: Elder Care Granite Bay CA

Seniors are more likely to become dehydrated because their bodies can’t retain water as well as they used to. Sometimes your elderly loved one doesn’t recognize their thirst, or they may not access their drinks as quickly as they used to, making it super hard to stay hydrated.

Elder care can help a senior stay hydrated by keeping track of how much liquid they consume and by making drinks easily accessible to a senior; when something is near a senior they may reach for it and drink without realizing it. Chronic illnesses and medications can also play a huge role in dehydration. Here are some ways to focus on your seniors’ liquid intake and limit their risk of dehydration.

Why Hydration Is Crucial for a Seniors Body?

Water helps seniors to maintain regular body temperature, keeps the skin from becoming dry and irritated, and helps to facilitate the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. On top of all of this, hydration can help seniors joints. The stronger their joints are, the less they fall and the less pain they may be in. So, how does hydration impact joints? Water is necessary to produce synovial fluid, a lubricating fluid that helps keep your joints moving smoothly. If a senior is dehydrated, their joints can feel stiff, and less flexible, and this causes pain and inflammation

Drinking enough water can also help a senior flush out toxins that may make them sick, sluggish, or not feel well. As you drink more liquids, you go to the bathroom more and even sweat which can help toxins leave your body. When toxins don’t leave a senior’s body, they can accumulate and cause major health problems in a senior’s body. This is one of the reasons why staying hydrated is so crucial for a senior.

What Happens When a Senior is Dehydrated?

So many bad things can happen when a senior is dehydrated. Dehydration can cause dizziness, dry mouth, and rapid heartbeat, which can scare seniors. When dehydration gets too bad, they may need to go to the hospital to get hydration from a professional. Elder care can help ensure this doesn’t become too extreme by always helping a senior have access to water and encouraging them to drink more and eat foods with high water content.

How to Increase Liquid Intake?

It can seem impossible to help a senior increase their liquid intake. But the first thing you can do is figure out what they like to drink. When you have their favorite drinks on hand, it can seem like less of a chore to drink fluids. Next, find drinks with their preferred temperature. Some seniors can’t drink cold beverages and prefer hot drinks. Find out their preference and ensure elder care knows what type of drink a senior wants.

The next thing you can do for your seniors is to find food with high liquid content. Things like yogurt, cereal, soup, and even cucumbers can have a high liquid content which can help a senior stay hydrated. The very last thing you can do is ensure they have something to drink all day long. Just having something within arms reach can help a senior stay hydrated.

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